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                    Special Skills

Tristan Jarred possesses many talents and special skills. A few however are more than just personal interest or hobbies and are done at a highly advanced or competitive level.

Stand Up Comedy

Tristan has been honing his comedic skills for a number of years. He started under the tutelage of Susana Spies attending her  Comedy Playground. While with Susanna he worked hard improving his timing, delivery, improvisation and writing skills. Tristan has written all of his own material and loves to incorporate  dancing and many of his other special skills into his sets. More recently Tristan spent time learning from Jerry Corley fine tuning his writing and delivery skills. See Stand Up Photos and Stand Up Video  


Tristan started dancing at around the age of 5 doing some jazz and ballet, but concentrated most of his energy on tap. Shortly after arriving in L.A he met a B'boy named Casper who became a close friend and roomate. Tristan was very fascinated with breaking and under the tutalege of Casper pursued break dancing. For a number of years he hung out with local bboys dancing on the streets at Hollywood and Highland and down in Santa Monica at the third street promanade. Tristan became a skillful and impressive break dancer at an early age and became known among the breakers as "lil bboy prodigy". He continued trainng formally at the Millenium and various other studios in both tap and break dancing. He was eventually sponsored by an urban clothing company called Panic, participated in the makig of an instructional dance video as well a a rap video, and did a number of demonstrations, promotional work and dance competitions. He was a member of the breaking crew called "Wiz Kidz" and continued dancing professionally into his teens. Today Tristan dances mostly for fun but can still break out a move or two when necessary! See Dance Photos See Dance Video


Tristan trained in gymnastics from 2002 to 2009. His interest in gymnastics initially was to improve upon his dance and marital arts abilities. However, Tristan quickly learned he really enjoyed gymnastics as a sport and at one point trained up to 3 times a week in hopes of becoming a proficient gymnast. See Gymnastic Photos See Gymnastic Video

Horseback Riding / Equitation

The only child of a professional horse trainer, Tristan was on horseback regularly even prior to birth. He started formal instruction at 3 and has shown at local, regional and national levels.He rides both English and Western. Tristan learned the basics of vaulting, which is a equine sport that involves executing specific gymnastic moves on horseback. See Equestrian Photos. See Equestrian Video

Martial Arts
Tristan trained in Martial Arts from 2001 to 2005 at KNMA and also did private coaching with Master Ken Nagayama. Tristan learned a combination of several martial art styles. The foundation of this training is an Okinawa form of Karate called Moto Bu Ryu, but also encompasses Taekwondo and Aikido. See Martial Art Photos. See Martial Arts Video.

Other skills Tristan possesses at least a basic to intermediate knowledge of are: Singing, Bass Guitar, Skateboarding, BMX., Motocross, Swimming, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Fencing, Computers, Video Games, Roller Skating, Roller Blading and Snow Boarding.











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