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Tristan was bouncing around in tap shoes long before coming to California, but began dancing seriously shortly after arriving in L.A. He met a B’Boy named Casper who became a close friend, mentor and role model. Tristan has taken formal instruction but most of his education has come from hanging out, watching and dancing with B’Boy’s here in L.A. and then perfecting many of the moves with the help of his gymnastics coach. When first arriving here, Tristan spent time dancing down in Santa Monica at the 3rd Street Promenade, on the Santa Monica Pier and on the sidewalk near the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Over the past few years he’s become known on the street and among breakers as “Lil’ B’boy Prodigy”. Tristan is sponsored by “Panic” an urban clothing company, has done work in an underground rap video, participated in the making of an instructional dance video and done demonstrations, promotional work and exhibitions as well as competed in battles and dance competitions as part of a four member crew called the “Wiz Kidz”.


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